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How to Choose a Live Party Band

How to choose a live party band

Hi there! Welcome to the second post based on our experiences gathered whilst performing in the world’s best live party band Pure Genius! Today I’m going to give you a few ideas of what to look for when considering how to hire a live party band. It is often a big commitment in terms of the success of your function. Also financially so it is important that you make the right choice. Here are three top tips;

1. Go and check out a gig

Absolutely the best way to see what a band are really like. Demo CD’s are OK, but they can be produced and polished in a studio, or even played by different musicians! When at the gig, look for a party band who enjoy themselves on stage and are confident. If they don’t know the material they’ll be concentrating hard and will have their heads down. Bear in mind though that in a pub or other public venue they may be trying out new stuff, so there may be the odd bum note!

2. Ask if the function band can do a first dance / special request

This will show you two things; 1. Whether the band are committed to giving you what you and your guests want.  2. Whether or not the band have the experience / ability to ‘pull one out of the bag’ at short notice. This kind of spontaneity can really add something special to proceedings, particularly at weddings.

3. Find out who is in the band

Not so obvious this one, but there are function bands out there who have many different members who rotate according to availability. In our experience this makes for lifeless performances from groups of musicians who don’t know each other inside out musically. Look to hire a live party band who play together week-in week-out and you’re more likely to feel energy and excitement in their music.

Or of course, if you’re going to hire a live party band you could save yourself the trouble and hire Pure Genius, probably the best live party band in the known universe!

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