Tech Info


Our powered HK speaker system for is scalable to suit anything from an intimate pub gig, theatre show or medium sized outdoor festival for up to 500 people. It is coupled with a mixing desk from Allen & Heath and JBL provide us with self powered monitors. The system is constantly monitored for feedback, with any unwanted squeaks suppressed digitally to ensure that your guests only get to hear the sounds created by the musicians. We have backline equipment from Mesa Boogie, GenzBenz and RCF.


Our light show comprises of:

2 x Martin Wizard Extremes
2 x KAM POWERBAR LED Stage lights
2 x LEDJ Stage Bar 16’s
1 x Lantra Sapphire Twinkle
1 x KAM Multicoloured Laser
1 x Martin smoke machine to enhance lighting and show
For larger gigs, some or all of this can be lifted from the floor by using our tri-light trussing on windable locking tripods


Max power consumption is approx:

6 x 690W HK = 4140W
1 x 120W Mesa = 120W
1 x 920WΒ  Genz = 920W
2 x 700W RCF = 1400W
3 x 500W JBL = 1500W
1 x Beast Various = 50W
2 x 250W Wizards = 500W
2 x 160W Tbar lights = 320W
2 x 60W LEDJ = 120W
1 x 650mW Twinkle = 10W
1 x 15W Laser = 15W
1 x 750W Smokey = 750W

Total Load = 9845W (Below 10kW)
Max current draw = 10,000 / 240V = 41A

The best way to distribute this should be from 2 separate 32A ring main circuits, which are supplied from the same electricalΒ  phase. Ideally the band would like to be supplied with a double socket on each side of the stage area, one from each 32A ring main. In practice this is not always possible in such situations we would have to use less of our equipment in order to draw less power.


These values are all based on extreme instances of very brief moments which could theoretically occur, which may suggesting that we always draw a lot of power during our performance. During a normal medium sized gig of up to about 200 people indoor, that actual current draw would be something in the region of 10 to 20 Amps. So in that instance 2 double extensions from a single phase 32A breaker would suffice. If you need any further advice just ask.


Each member of the band holds individual Public Liability Insurance in excess of Β£1million.

All of our electrical equipment is safety tested annually by a PAT qualified engineer.