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Top 5 Party Band Tunes

Top 5 Party Band Tunes – Northampton Party Band – Pure Genius

Hiya! Today I’m going to give you a sample of our previously top secret list of top party band tunes that we keep up our sleeve until we need a real winner to get the party jumping! We’ve played a lot of weddings, parties and functions and think we know good party music when we hear it (check out our setlist). So here goes with 5 of our top party band tunes;

Party Band Tune countdown!

Tune 5:

At number five we’ve got an oldie but goldie – party band music 60s style – Jackie Wilson’s ‘Higher and Higher’. A simple tune that gets more and more infectious the longer it goes on. A guaranteed winner!

Tune 4:

One for the ladies! This top party tune has raised 1000’s of bums from seats at wedding receptions and dragged many a reluctant fella onto the dancefloor over the years. A hit for scouse soul band The Real Thing in 1976, ‘You to Me Are Everything’.

Tune 3:

Guaranteed to go off when there are 40 somethings in the house. ‘A Town Called Malice’ by the Jam is not what you’d call your typical top party band tune. However, the driving rhythm on this track allows those who can’t dance to jump up and down a lot!

Tune 2:

A slightly off the wall selection this – but a tune that we’ve really made our own and has been going down a storm right from the early days of Pure Genius. You’re unlikely to hear another party band play ‘You Can Call Me Al’ by Paul Simon!

Tune 1:

We only recently added this one to our set. It is a unanimous winner in our quest to find the greatest party band music of all time. I thought I’d seen it all at the various weddings and functions we’ve played until we rolled out this monster of a tune. Wave your arms in the air, sway from side to side and sing with me… ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen wears the crown for the craziest top party tune ever created. If you don’t believe me, come and check us out ‘floating around in ecstasy’ at a gig near you soon!

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