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Wedding Reception Party Tips

Hi there, and thanks for dropping by. This post is the first of what will be a series of comments, observations and ruminations based on our work as a party band in the UK. We go to a lot of parties in this line of business. We often discuss what elements go into making a wedding reception party really ‘kick off’.

We decided to boil this down to three top tips that would summarise what we have talked about as a band. We chose things that might come in handy for anyone out there planning a wedding reception party. Our expertise is naturally in the area of music based events, so I’m making the assumption that you are going to have some kind of musical entertainment. You are going to have music aren’t you?!? Whether it be a live band, a disco or just a Hi-Fi, this advice applies. OK so here goes;

1. Choose a venue that consists only of one room

Some of the best parties we’ve played at were on the surface very simple. They consisted of a single function room with a bar to one side or at the back, some seating around the edge and some tables for a buffet. In some ways it goes against your instinct of wanting to have an ‘interesting’ venue which has character and perhaps smaller more private spaces for your guests. A single room with a bar in works is because your guests are forced to socialise. Some of them won’t know each other and that’s the very thing that will make the party more interesting. More random stuff happens when people are bouncing off each other – that’s a good thing!

2. Don’t mix entertainment with food

People love food. Given the chance to eat they will forsake all other activities and will barely be able to function until they’ve had their fill. At a party or wedding reception the food is often really good. Mmmm foooood!!! If you have a disco, schedule at least half an hour’s ‘quiet time’ while folks digest their scrumptious morsels. If you have a wedding band the perfect time to bring out the food is on the stroke of the end of their first set. Give it an hour, your guests will be satisfied and ready to cut up a rug once more.

3. Make sure you have enough wedding reception party guests to fill the room

Your absolute limit to the number of guests you will invite is dictated by fire regulations. The key thing is to make sure that you are going to invite the absolute maximum you are allowed for the venue. If the capacity is 200 and you have invited 100, your venue is too big. If a further 20 or so of your guests don’t show then you’ve got the potential for a quiet, reserved affair. Again the same principal applies. You want to force your guests to socialise! Give them a corner of the room each and that ‘aint gonna happen! Choose a venue that is going to be bursting at the seams when everyone arrives. The result will be a night to remember!

Of course there are hundreds of elements that go into throwing a great wedding reception party. However, we’ve seen time and time again how an average party could’ve been a great one with the benefit of hindsight. Get it right and your guests will be talking about your wedding reception party for years to come.

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